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Best Restaurants In Lincoln Nebraska

Celebrate in Style Treat yourself to best restaurants in lincoln nebraska premier fine dining gems. From upscale ambiance to mouthwatering menus, we've got you covered.

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Lincoln, Nebraska's culinary landscape is a delightful tapestry woven from vibrant threads of diverse flavors and experiences. Whether you crave a taste of international flair or yearn for classic Midwestern comfort, Lincoln serves up a feast for every palate and preference.
Upscale fine dining establishments tempt with impeccably plated dishes and impeccable service, while cozy cafes entice with the aroma of freshly brewed coffee and homemade pastries. For a casual bite, food trucks unleash a torrent of global street food, and bustling pubs pour craft beers alongside hearty pub fare.
Lincoln's heart beats with vibrant farmers' markets, their stalls overflowing with local produce and artisanal treasures, promising a farm-to-table adventure on your plate. Whether you're seeking a sophisticated soirée or a laid-back lunch, Lincoln's culinary tapestry invites you to weave your own delicious story, bite by savory bite. So, come hungry, come curious, and prepare to be swept away by the culinary magic of Lincoln, Nebraska.

Top Fine Dining Restaurants In Lincoln

Lincoln has more than cornfields and Huskers in its cuisine. A colorful tapestry of upmarket dining options awaits you in this quaint Midwestern city. We'll explore four of Lincoln's best restaurants, each known for its cuisine and service.
Venue Restaurant & Lounge - The venue offers refined elegance. While sipping a well-crafted cocktail, imagine soft lighting, luxurious velvet booths, and a stunning cityscape. A symphony of New American cuisine, the menu includes Wagyu beef tartare with truffle aioli and bone marrow gratin with roasted garlic. Our dry-aged Tomahawk steak is marbled perfection and proof of Venue's superior ingredients.
DISH Restaurant - Globally inspired meals and carefully curated presentations await at DISH. David Becker, a James Beard Award semifinalist, makes pan-seared scallops with chorizo risotto and roasted duck breast with cherry gastrique. The open kitchen and sleek, contemporary decor create an exceptional dining experience.
Billy's - Billy's is a Lincoln tradition with outstanding dining in a magnificent mansion overlooking the State Capitol. Modern American classics and a pleasant atmosphere with exposed brick walls and soft lighting reflect bygone eras. Taste lobster mac & cheese, pan-roasted sea bass, or delicate prime rib. Billy's slows time, so enjoy every bite.
The Green Gateau - French elegance awaits at The Green Gateau. Chef Matt Lindsey's duck confit with cherry demi-glace and seafood bouillabaisse shows his love of classic French cuisine. France-inspired decor, spotless white tablecloths, and flickering candles create a cozy atmosphere, and the large wine list pairs every course.
JTK Cuisine & Cocktails - JTK thrills. Bold tastes, beautiful presentation, and a dynamic ambiance define this modern American steakhouse. Serve 40-day dry-aged bone-in ribeye with roasted bone marrow and truffle butter after tuna tartare with avocado, sriracha aioli, and wonton chips. Smoked Old Fashioned and Cucumber Mint Gimlets are popular. Chef/owner Josh Taylor's love of robust flavors and imaginative presentation makes JTK a must-try for daring eaters.

Great Food In A Relaxed Setting

Great Food With In A Relaxed Setting
Great Food With In A Relaxed Setting
Lincoln's informal eating scene is vibrant, flavorful, and laid-back, not rigid or quiet. Here, friends giggle over comfort food, and burgers sizzle. Come try some local favorites with pleasant atmospheres and delicious food.
  • LeadBelly - Downtown favorites with live music, inventive cocktails, and great comfort cuisine. Expect burgers with sriracha mayo and crispy bacon, creamy mac and cheese, and quick-serve truffle fries. Due to its exposed brick walls, Edison lighting, and dynamic atmosphere, you may relax with friends after work or hear a local musician here.
  • Honest Abe's - Honest Abe's updates American classics. Rich pulled pork sandwiches on toasted brioche, crunchy fried chicken with house-made coleslaw, and fresh, local salads. Visit brunch for blueberry pancakes with whipped cream or hollandaise egg Benedict. Honest Abe's, a Lincoln staple, boasts friendly staff, classic Americana decor, and good food.
  • Green Gateau Bistro - Casual French food is served at this Parisian café. Cozy bistro tables and mismatched chairs. Enjoy daily quiche, steak bourguignon, or white wine mussels. Tarte tatin and chocolate pot de crème are musts. We recommend Green Gateau Bistro for a casual lunch or romantic dinner.
  • Sultan's Kite - Looking for something special? At Sultan's Kite, hummus, gyros, and curries transport you to the Middle East. Try lamb kofta or vegetarian moussaka after mezze. For spicy cooling, try mint-infused lemonade. The friendly staff, lovely decor, and variety of tastes make Sultan's Kite unique.

Lincoln's Best Budget Friendly Eateries

Lincoln's food culture goes beyond exquisite plates and high prices. The city is full of great, cheap restaurants where you can dine like a king. This list of Lincoln's greatest cheap restaurants promises delicious food.
  • The Mill Coffee and Tea - The Mill is the place for cheap coffee. Grab a nicely brewed cup for a few bucks, or indulge in a buttery croissant or cinnamon roll without guilt. It's ideal for relaxing with friends or working due to its welcoming atmosphere.
  • Super Taco - Hungering for Tex-Mex? Look no further than Super Taco. This neighborhood legend serves tacos with succulent meats, fresh toppings, and their famous green salsa. Try their famous burritos, nachos, and horchata for a budget-friendly meal.
  • Rising Cafe - Reasons make this Lincoln institution student-friendly. Their juicy burgers and crispy fries are great for lunch and dinner, and their fluffy pancakes and sausage gravy power the day. Huge meals, student-friendly prices, and a lively atmosphere.
  • King Kong Restaurant - Be prepared for serious burger enjoyment. King Kong's massive 10-inch patties are perfectly cooked and stuffed with everything. They'll pile on cheese, bacon, jalapenos, and more. The best part? A burger under $10 leaves enough money for crispy fries.
  • Banhwich Cafe - Low-cost Vietnamese food? Solution: Banhwich Cafe. Their fresh pickled veggies, savory meats, and creamy pate make their banh mi sandwiches light and tasty. On a cold day, their pho's steamy broth and delicate noodles will warm you up. All this and change for a lovely coconut iced coffee.
  • El Chaparro - Want authentic Mexican? Chaparro works. This inexpensive eatery serves fajitas, burritos, and tacos. Spice up your meal with house-made salsa. The casual setting and friendly service are perfect for a quick lunch or a supper with friends.

Exploring Global Flavors In Lincoln

Different type of meal in dishes
Different type of meal in dishes
Eat your way across the world in Lincoln, Nebraska, without leaving your seat. Bangkok's foreign culinary scene delivers distinct flavors and unique experiences, from the bustling streets to the Mediterranean coasts.

Spice Up Your Life

  • Tirou Ethiopian Restaurant - Shared eating at Tirou transports you to Addis Ababa. Injera, spongy sourdough crepes, are filled with spicy doro wat (chicken) and tangy misir wat. Flavor explosions and deep experiences await.
  • Pita & Naan - Take a Middle Eastern tour from Afghanistan to the Mediterranean. Tender chicken shawarma, creamy hummus, and fresh-herb falafel fill Pita & Naan's airy flatbreads. Baklava is a must-try for its flaky crust and aromatic honey.

A Taste Of Asia

  • Fuji Sushi & Korean BBQ - Fuji offers Asian dual pleasures. Start with delicious sashimi and beautifully made nigiri, then grill your own meats and vegetables on hot tables. Interactive and delicious, it'll please even picky eaters.
  • Blue Orchid Thai Restaurant - Enjoy spice at Blue Orchid. Spiced curries, pad thai noodles, and tom yum soup stimulate your senses. Thai street food is celebrated in each dish, made with fresh ingredients and flair.

Global Adventures

  • Daffodil Mediterranean Cuisine and Catering - Indulge in Mediterranean sunshine at Daffodil. A coastal taverna awaits with silky hummus, spicy falafel, and luscious lamb gyro sandwiches. Stop for Turkish coffee to cap off a great vacation.
  • La Mexicana Lincoln - Lincoln's La Mexicana feels Mexican. Bright tacos with delicate barbacoa, searing fajitas with onions and peppers, and creamy guacamole made with fresh avocados promise a delicious fiesta.

Vegetarian And Vegan Options

There are several wonderful vegetarian and vegan restaurants in Lincoln, Nebraska, which may not be your first thought. From comfort food to creative cuisine, Lincoln has something for every veggie.
  • Cafe Shanti - This family-run jewel is a Lincoln stalwart. Their broad British and Nepalese menu uses fresh, seasonal products. Their creamy lentil soup, aromatic vegetable curry, and tofu scramble will satisfy your hunger. Café Shanti is gluten-free and dairy-free, making it a truly inclusive restaurant.
  • Juju's Vegan Cajun and Creole Cuisine - Plant-based New Orleans awaits! Juju's serves spicy jambalaya, crispy fried okra, and delicious vegan gumbo in Lincoln. The soft bread, topped with seasoned "meat" alternatives like jackfruit and seitan, will leave you wanting more.
  • Grateful Bread Freakbeat Vegetarian - Health-conscious eaters love this charming eatery. They serve fresh-veggie wraps, protein-packed grain bowls, and healthy salads. On a cold day, try their vegan chili, a hearty mix of beans, vegetables, and spices. To satisfy everyone, Grateful Bread offers gluten-free and soy-free alternatives.
  • Pepe's Bistro - This cozy bistro serves elegant plant-based food. Portobello mushroom Wellington, creamy cashew ricotta ravioli, and pan-seared tofu with roasted carrots are on their beautiful menu. Its vast wine list makes Pepe's ideal for a romantic dinner or special event.
  • LeadBelly - You read! Downtown's fame goes beyond meat. The vegan menu at LeadBelly includes BBQ jackfruit tacos, lentil burgers on pretzel buns, and cauliflower wings with your choice of sauce. LeadBelly is great for hanging out with friends or unwinding after work due to its lively atmosphere and focus on local food.

Best Places For Group Dining In Lincoln

Restaurant with group dining in lincoln
Restaurant with group dining in lincoln
Planning a fun reunion, a feast, or a simple outing with your crew? Lincoln has more than just delicious food—it has group eating spaces that make your gathering exciting and easy. Get your group together, raise a glass, and conquer these group-friendly restaurants.
  • Venue Restaurant & Lounge - Imagine the venue's clean lines, soft lighting, and energy. This technological marvel suits enormous parties, from birthdays to business events. A 30-person private dining area with AV and wait service is available. Their globally inspired cuisine offers steaks, seafood, vegetarian dishes, and sharing appetizers.
  • The Single Barrel - Slippery floors and skip bars. The single barrel accommodates personnel with elbow room. Summer parties on this gastropub's large patio and lively atmosphere can accommodate all sorts of groups. Burgers, wood-fired pizzas, mac & cheese, and steak fries satisfy meat lovers. Hopheads will like their specialty beers.
  • Barred Owl - A rustic-chic Barred Owl adventure awaits. The exposed brick walls and cozy atmosphere make this area ideal for small groups. Their 20-person semi-private area delivers unorthodox American comfort food. Imagine upscale pub fare like house-made sausages, pig belly, and seasonal platters. Their award-winning menu has cocktails for all tastes.
  • FireWorks Restaurant - Bring your family to FireWorks. The local microbrewery features a huge dining area and a 50-person private room. Their delicious steaks, wood-fired rotisserie meats, and savory pizzas thrill carnivores. Their vegetarian and inventive salads please everyone. Beer, naturally. Fresh lagers and zesty IPAs from FireWorks will wow your gathering.
  • Screamer's Family Restaurant - Have fun at Screamer's. These kid-friendly spots include space and activities for large parties. Screamer's party room, arcade, and bowling lanes make your celebration memorable. Like your team, they serve American food, pizzas, spaghetti, and healthier options. Customize platters for large groups to ensure everyone eats.


Lincoln, Nebraska, is a gourmet kaleidoscope of brilliant colors and delicious textures. Lincoln has a variety of cuisines to suit every taste, from elegant restaurants with white tablecloths to convivial bistros. Want international flair? Experience Thai street markets at Blue Orchid, Mediterranean beaches at Daffodil, or Ethiopian stews at Tirou.
Burger lovers can devour King Kong Restaurant's towering burgers, while vegetarians and vegans can enjoy Cafe Shanti or Juju's Vegan Cajun Creole Cuisine. Venue Restaurant & Lounge's superb service and globally-inspired meals make for a luxe soirée, while LeadBelly's wacky cocktails and gourmet comfort cuisine make for vibrant parties. Visit The Single Barrel or Barred Owl with your company to enjoy laughter, sizzling steaks, and wood-fired pizzas.
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